4 Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

April 1, 2013 in diet by sweetv

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Apple Cider Vinegar is  is a type of vinegar made from cider or apple and has a pale to medium amber color. Unpasteurized or organic ACV contains mother of vinegar which has a cobweb-like appearance and can make the vinegar look slightly congealed.  It is made by crushing apples and squeezing out the liquid. Bacteria and Yeast are added to the liquid to start the alcoholic fermentation process, and the sugars are turned into alcohol. In a second fermentation process, the alcohol is converted into vinegar by acetic acid-forming bacteria. Acetic acid and malic acid give vinegar its sour taste.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for many things such as making pickles, salad dressings, polishing armor, even to clean coffee makers. As of recent times, ACV has been known for many health related benefits as well. Here are a few health benefits when using Apple Cider Vinegar.


ACV has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The malic and folic acid in the vinegar help to exfoliate your skin, soften and reduce the sign of red marks. It also tones your skin to the proper pH. If your skin is not pH balanced your skin would look terrible.

Every time you wash your face you disrupt this natural acid mantle of your skin. It could be from the products you are using or just from washing away some of your protective skin layers, With healthy skin, it would bounce right back and and re-balance on its own. But when your acid mantle is disturbed it makes your skin vulnerable for infections.

Try mixing half Apple Cider Vinegar and half water and use it as a toner. Some people use straight ACV. However, since ACV is an acid, many people cannot tolerate it at this concentration level. You can also add green tea or an essential oil to give it that extra boost. Dab on with a cotton ball and make sure to avoid your eyes. If your skin can tolerate the mixture it’s fine to leave it on over night. You can also put it on and rinse 2 minutes later. Do this once a day.

Whiten Teeth.

ACV can be applied directly to your teeth to remove stains, whiten your teeth and kill unwanted bacteria on your teeth and gums. Simply gargle some Apple Cider Vinegar and then brush as usual. You can replace your tooth paste with baking soda once a week to help the whitening process along. Who doesn’t want to brighten their already beautiful smile!


With summer just around the corner, here is a great way to ease the pain of sunburn. Apple Cider Vinegar draws the heat away from your skin when applied to sunburn. The aroma won’t keep you smelling pretty but at least you will get help with the discomfort.

Add 2 tbsp of ACV with 2 cups of water. Grab a wash cloth and soak with the ACV mixture. Wrap your sunburned areas with wash cloth and let sit for as long as you’d like.  You can also pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray your skin as often as you feel comfortable and let dry. Apply aloe vera skin moisturizer when you are finished.


Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in natural minerals as well as vitamins and enzymes. These nutrients are very important during a time of detoxification. The unique acids in ACV can bind to toxins and help the body eliminate them more effectively. It also helps to fight bacteria and fungus.

Another way it helps for detox is by breaking up mucus throughout your body and cleanses out the lymph nodes to help with better circulation. This helps to improve the immune symptom response.

Add 1 to 3 teaspoons of ACV to your water before eating to help with digestion. Or add 1 cup of ACV to your hot bath water along with some epsom salt to help with the cleansing process. This helps to draw toxins out through your skin.

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